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(ends approx 12.15pm)

This special session brings the premiere of one of the most spectacular and thrilling adventure films in recent years. Tickets cost £5.


Mount St Elias (100 mins)
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"If all goes well, you're a hero. If all goes wrong, you're dead."

This dramatic and inspiring feature-length documentary follows three of the world’s greatest ski mountaineers to Mount St. Elias where theyr attempt to realize the longest ski descent in the world - 18,008 feet from summit to sea.

Set against the backdrop of Alaska’s dangerous beauty, Mount St. Elias is about a visionary borderline experience where unparalleled physical and mental pressure pushes the team to the absolute limit.

The team find themselves in life-threatening situations, in which heroism cannot easily be distinguished from folly. Situations which can only be mastered if reason is supposedly abandoned and in which courage as well as trust in their own abilities are used as guidelines.

"We knew it could happen and it did happen. If you want to achieve something great, you have to risk more than usual."

This is a film which will have you gripped from the moment you take your seat. Whether you enjoy ski mountaineering or not, this incredible documentary pulls you in as you follow the desparate struggles of this team of adventurers. The perfect way to wake you on on a Sunday morning!


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